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Teaching with Genre Games

When I tested students at the end of the first quarter, I was less than satisfied with the results. For some students it was a fun and easy way to learn about genres. These were the students who probably would have learned it anyway because they generally pay attention in class. For the others it was too much play and not enough learning. I wouldn’t abandon the games. They’re a great way to reinforce what is being taught. In the future I might make the test “open book” by making a scavenger hunt that would use the games to find the answers. I think it would direct the learning better than the way I did it this time.


Have you ever wondered what happens when you hit “print screen?”  It seems like nothing happens.  I know that a picture of my screen is saved somewhere but didn’t really know where so I just didn’t bother with it.  Evernote to the rescue!

I signed up for an account and downloaded it (for free of course) today.  Now when I hit “print screen” I get a box that I can use to take a picture of whatever part of the screen I’m interested in saving.  Evernote saves it in a notebook that I can sync with my online account.  Now that image is available to me, no matter what computer I’m using.  I’m working on visuals that my students can use when they’re at computers so they can see where to click next instead of trying to remember all the instructions I gave them earlier.  Apparently I’m not a visual learner myself since it didn’t even occur to me to do this until a colleague suggested it.  I plan on putting the images into a document they can carry with them to the computer.  My artistic ability is nil so I’m not real sure what the final product will look like but hopefully it will be helpful.  Here’s a screen shot of part my Evernote page:

Evernote has lots of online tutorials to help new users make the best use of the options available.  I haven’t really explored it as much as I would like but I’m sure that I’ll be using it for other applications.  I’d be interested in hearing how others are using Evernote for personal use or in the classroom.