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Last year I had some students resetting the desktop wallpaper on some of the library computers. I don’t really mind that, as long as they are getting their work done before they start messing around with the wallpaper. However, there are a couple issues here. The first is copyright. Did they get permission from the artist or photographer? Of course not! The second issue is a little different. They had taken a picture of a student from our own school website and turned it into a desktop wallpaper. To be honest, it was a little creepy. We discussed that in class but that was last year and this year I decided to tackle the issue in a different way.

Our tech support often sends out links to things she thinks we can use in the classroom and one day she sent out a link to a blog post with the perfect solution. iLearn Technology is a fantastic blog. In it Kelly Tenkely provides information about ways to integrate various web 2.0 tools into the classroom. The post that caught my eye was the one about Bomomo. In this post she specifically mentions that here we can “allow students to create their own desktop images for classroom computers.” I didn’t read any further and went right to the site.


My modern art


I am one of the least artistic people in the world. However, even I can make a cool looking picture on Bomomo. I was instantly hooked and knew my students, whether they were accomplished artists or not, would enjoy this site. I showed them how to make their artwork the desktop image and many asked if they could do this at home. You can see their work in the art gallery on the Harambee Library Wiki.

Now I need to address the issue of copyright. We’ll work on that next quarter.

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