Word Clouds for Elementary Students

Word Cloud

My first grade students spent a significant amount of time studying genres. They enjoyed making their own Gruffalo, reading Garfield mysteries, and trying to understand the difference between realistic fiction and nonfiction. Now it’s the end of the year and I wondered how to pull this unit together. I was very excited when I found that ABCya.com had a word cloud site for elementary students. I’ve looked at Wordle but I was nervous about using it for elementary students because sometimes older students submit wordles with inappropriate words. WordClouds for Kids doesn’t give students the opportunity to see the works of other and sometimes, that’s a good thing.

Word cloud 4I gave my first grade students a list of the genres we had looked at and sent them to the computers. They didn’t have to type all the genres if they didn’t want to and each student typed their first name in the cloud. I have a student teacher who helped by saving the word clouds to a flash drive while I helped students check out. This activity would have been difficult without the help of another adult. I just posted the results on the Harambee Library Wiki. Look for them at the top of the navigation bar on the left.

Word cloud 3

We made a few mistakes because initially we thought that we needed a hyphen between words that should be together. The instructions did not say that typing the same word more than once would make it bigger but they learned right along with me. It was a good way to end the unit and they did a wonderful job!

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