My Turn is When?

Comtuter windows

Behold the computer lab I have in my library. There are 25 computers. The screens can be easily seen by standing back and looking around the room. It is a very inviting, friendly space to work.

Other teachers have started signing up for the lab. On the one hand I’m delighted because this is what I was hoping would happen. On the other hand, I now have to negotiate for time and space.

I was making plans for next week when I found that the lab had been signed out for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for the rest of the school year. I freaked out because that’s when I have 4th graders. I checked the schedule again and found that the same thing happened on Fridays with a different teacher. So now my fourth grade students are left with one day a month per class of computer time during library classes. Fortunately some arrangements have been made, at least for next week. Who knows what the rest of the year will be like?

3 thoughts on “My Turn is When?

  1. Have you considered doing a rolling schedule? I post our computer lab schedule on an excel document in a shared folder on our network. Each week, I add one week to the schedule so that it’s there about 3 weeks in advance. I plan ahead for my lessons and take the time I need first (I’m fair about it) and then teachers can fill in the space. They are required to list a lesson and may not schedule a routine time each week. The goal is flexibly scheduled so some weeks a teacher may use a lot of time or not.

  2. We sign our lab space out, but only allow 1st grade to have a scheduled time. The rest of us have the sign up as needed. If someone tries to sign up for more than 6 weeks in the same time slot, we have a talk about how the time is being used and the difference between integration and a seperate technology class. While not everyone was/is happy about this and it is recurring discussion each fall, I think our technology use has been far more planned and intentional as a result of the flex schedule. And everyone understands that we need to share the space and always taking prime time does not work. Hopefully you can discuss options with your teachers and come to a mutual agreement. Good luck!

  3. We sign out on the calendar on Outlook. I don’t have any control over the schedule. I have to admit that I may have been hogging the computers a little. So far sharing with the first grade (who have it signed out for the year) has worked pretty well. Starting next week all of us will be kicked off the computers because of testing.

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