Monthly Archives: May 2010

Digital Cleanup

Now that I’m connected through a blog, twitter, delicious, RSS feed, etc. I find that my life is digitally messy. I have 485 blog posts to read. Some of the blogs listed on the right are no longer active and I should take them out of my list. There are new ones that I follow that are fantastic that I should add. How do I have time to even look at all the fantastic sites mentioned by my twitter colleagues? I haven’t really even explored the social networking possible in delicious and I still need to go through the links I’ve saved. My own website really needs some quality updating.

Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t give up any of these tools, not for a minute. But I’m not sure how to organize all this information. Remember that I’m a librarian at heart and that’s what we do. We organize information and figure out how to access it. I now have a flood of information that is basically organized but I don’t know how to keep up with it. I suppose it means I need to figure out what’s really important to me. Maybe I need to set aside a certain time each day. Like anything, if it really matters to me I’ll find time for it. How do others keep up? Sounds like a tweet to me!