Monthly Archives: December 2009


I used the clickers, or as Promethean calls them, activotes for the first time last week. It was another learning experience for all of us. I’ve seen a couple demonstrations but didn’t really know what I was doing. So often these days it feels like I don’t know what I’m doing! Fortunately, I had no afternoon classes and help from my tech person. Next week I think a Promethean representative will be visiting to answer questions. These things are never hard once you figure them out. In fact, it’s easy to wonder why I ever thought it was difficult.

We just started the second quarter so I had a new seating arrangement ready. Before each student sat down they took one of the clickers and answered the question, “I know a lot about keywords” by clicking A) true or B) false. That way I knew which number each student had. I taught a keyword lesson downloaded from Promethean Planet and changed slightly to better reflect the practices in my library. In the lesson there was a quiz so students had a chance to use the clickers.

Once again, I had students cheering in the library. They made a game out of it by trying to see who would be the first to vote and light up their number. While this doesn’t show deep thought, it does show interest. Since I was able to immediately show them the graphed results I was able to talk about the questions that a majority missed. It was also a way for me to show students graphs, which is a math standard that, along with the other specialists, I am trying to model for students.

This initial trial was a success and I’m sure I’ll be using the clickers again, perhaps as a more precise assessment tool, once I figure out how to attach names to each device. What a good way to make tests more fun.