Monthly Archives: February 2009


Last night was a somewhat surreal experience around our house. My husband, a physicist working at 3M, had an online conference call with people in Singapore, China, Korea and Japan. Because of the time difference it was scheduled for 8:00 pm central time. At the same time I joined an Elluminate session sponsored by the Classroom 2.0 Ning. Julie Evans presented the Speak Up 2008 results and since our students took part in the survey I was very interested in what Julie had to say.

It was very strange. Both of us sat totally absorbed in what we were doing yet we were only a few feet away from each other. I was amazed when I thought about all the people we were connected to, from literally around the world, sitting in our family room on a quiet February night. It occurred to me that this was the kind of world our students will be living in. They will be even more connected to the rest of the world and it will not seem like a strange experience to them. How do we get them ready for this world? I missed the first half of the Elluminate session so I really need to go back and see the rest of it. Our students are trying to tell us how to help them but are we listening?

Elluminate Practice

Classroom 2.0 Live provides a “safe” and interesting way to practice using Elluminate, a web conferencing site that allows teachers and students to interact in real time.  Elluminate sponsors a live weekly conference for Classroom 2.0 at 12:00 pm (EST) on Saturdays.  According to the Classroom 2.0 wiki I missed several chances to find answers to some of the questions I’ve raised here in my blog.  I’m going to find the “What is a PLN and why do I need one?” conversation in the Archive.  I’m also interested in the most recent topic, “What is a Blog and how do I find good blogs to read?” because I am trying to help the teachers in my building explore blogging both personally and professionally with students.  Next week’s topic will be “What are tags and how are they used?”  For any E2T2 participants this might be a good way to experience Elluminate before using it to conference on teacher coaching.