Monthly Archives: December 2008


I am extremely annoyed at the ContentLinks that are showing up on this blog.  Please do not assume that I support any of these sites in any way shape or form.  Had I known that Edublogs did this I would not have started my blog here.  I understand that they need the ad money to support the site however, I object to the change in my content.  I did not put these links on here.  Lately I’ve been having some issues with tracking cookies slowing down my browsers and my computer.  The intrusions of these ads on my own blog further concerns me.

I understand that if we pay to support the site that the ads will not show up.  I feel like I’m being blackmailed.  Either I pay up or suffer the ads.  I will not pay so I’ll look for a different blog site.  I don’t want to lose the posts I have here.  Can I move them to one of the blogs I have on google?  Yes, I know that google has ads too, but it doesn’t change what I’ve actually posted.  The ads are on the top or side and I can ignore them if I want.  Ads in the middle of my posts is infuriating.